Don't make the mistake of NOT hiring a videographer

Updated: Jan 11, 2019


The Visual

I have heard too many people, even photographers admit "I wish I would have hired a videographer", and the sad truth is that if you don't, you will never get to re-live your wedding moment for moment. Regardless of your budget, there is a videographer out there that will work with you and you should not think twice about hiring a wedding videographer.

For forever, weddings have been documented by still photographers. Often the images are staged, formal and well.....kind of boring. Luckily, technology has come so far that we can now capture images in 4K HD with pixels enough to see every nuance of a smile, a glance, a button on your dress. The resolution is incredible, matched by top-tech Hollywood movie editing software and high definition cameras.

The Sound

Still images do NOT INCLUDE the vows, random jokes, toasts, speeches, music or your best friends voice. Enough said.

Share it with everyone!

Would you rather share "stills" OR enthrall family/friends with a 5-minute cinematic movie of the entire day? The number of views brides get is proof enough that people really enjoy the energy and beauty of great videography. Paradigm Pictures is a videography service who offers stunning highlight videos as well as ceremony & reception videos, documentary style, so you literally NEVER MISS A MOMENT

Not Expensive

The price for a video is still less than a photographer. For a better product. That usually spends more time on your product. You get what you pay for is often true when searching for videographers.

A good videographer will catch awesome moments.


"Be the art, and let us capture it"

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