Questions To Ask A Wedding Videographer

You work for months to make your wedding beautiful so you should expect great shooting, editing and customer service from your wedding videographer. But how to get it???

As a winner of BOTH The Knot and Wedding Wire "Best of" awards, please take my advice about these key ESSENTIALS:

First of all: Talk to the the potential videographer on the phone! This will quickly give you an indication of their personality and care. Does he/she sound professional, enthusiastic and especially INTERESTED in your wedding? If not....pass.

1) How long have you been in business?

2) Do you have a website and references?

3) What is your greatest strength in videography?

4) Who will do the actual shooting? How many?

5) What is your editing style and format?

6) Can the bride/groom request specific music?

Asking these questions is protocol. You need to feel EXCITED after talking with a videographer. If not, keep looking. We good/creative/beautiful videographers are out there. :)

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