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This Wedding Film Will Leave You in Tears | Multicultural Wedding at Knotting Hill Place Venue

So much thought and time were put into the planning of this massive celebration of love. Jennifer and Andrew, a power couple who met on a sushi date, finally tied the knot and hosted their dream wedding at Knotting Hill Place... AND IT WAS INCREDIBLE.


Paradigm Pictures tells their wedding day story through a 12-minute cinematic highlight film, and several documentary films. The direction of the highlight film fully encapsulates the tone of the wedding - using cinematic music, audio from the toasts, ceremony and vows, blended with a romantic sunset session, details shots, and drone footage.


Knotting Hill Place, a premier venue located right outside of Dallas metro, is a huge mansion that leaves a stunning impression on anyone, with a huge white ballroom and a lush courtyard, the stage was set.


The 2-day wedding started with a Tea Ceremony, where family and friends showered Jennifer and Andrew with gifts, and endless well wishes. Everyone gathered around to see Jennifer walk down the stairs with her mother in her traditional Vietnamese Ao Doi, and participated in all of the wonderful tradition. The couples families come from cultures all over the world, this is just one element that made this wedding so special.


May 15, 2022 - WEDDING DAY.

Lisa Dean, the seasoned wedding planner, made a timeline that guided everyone throughout the day - with a wedding of this size, it's important to make sure everything stays on time and follows that timeline, not an easy task.

The First Look. Andrew finally gets to see his bride. Jennifer walks down the aisle in her 10+ foot wedding vail as Andrew is turned away. Once he turns around to see her, it's fair to say he was 'too stunned to speak' . They shared powerful vows and promises to each other, and they were DEEP.


Their wedding ceremony ended with a fist bump followed be their wedding kiss, and a timely dip for the photographer and videographer as the newlywed couple cheerfully made their way down the aisle.


The reception was packed with incredible moments, as their reception documentary film is almost 2 hours long! Massive applauses erupted as the bridal party and newlywed couple made their grand entrance. Nothing is more impressive than a choreographed first dance, and Jennifer and Andrew nailed it!


Jennifer and Andrew were able to squeeze in an epic sunset session for photo and video. Bill Ferderer and Sarah Kate (video & photo) guided the couple through fun, romantic poses for spectacular results.


Family and friends gave incredible toasts that left the room with laughs, smiles, and tears running down the brides cheeks. Jennifers sister gave an incredible toast that truly came from the heart and left people in happy tears. Following the toasts, the reception turned into an epic dance party thanks to DJ Bill Cody. The groomsmen saw an opportunity to throw Andrew in the air to crowd surf, and took it!


The night ended with an emotional last dance, as an overwhelming mixture of emotions, that this incredible day they had planned for years, was coming to an end. A huge grand exit with everyone cheering as they dipped and kissed, it was only appropriate that Jennifer and Andrew drive off in a classic Bentley!


Most weddings are simply a celebration of two people becoming one, but in this case, it is much more than that. A celebration of their love, accomplishments and family, that has led them to this day, that is just the beginning.

Author: Bill Ferderer



Wedding Venue: Knotting Hill Place in Little Elm, Texas

Videographer: Bill Ferderer and Paradigm Pictures

Photography: Sarah Kate Photo

Wedding Planner: Lisa Dean with DWD Weddings & Events

DJ: Bill Cody | Party Time Texas

Officiant: Father Tony

Designer/Florist: Flora & Eventi


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