Scott is a student at the University of North Texas and is a true editing beast! He knows the rules of cinema and adds his own creative spin, maximizing the emotion of each event.  Along with his skills, he has a great personality and carries himself very professionally. Everyone loves Scott.  When he isn't filming, he is studying at UNT or working on his artsy snapchat stories.

Bill Ferderer


My name is Bill and I love filmmaking!  I am a graduate from UNT with a degree in Business Analytics. My true calling has always been filmmaking, which I began when I was 12 years old.  I offer a cutting edge approach to wedding filmmaking, making unique cinematic highlight videos. and beautiful story-telling for each unique couple.         When not filming or editing, you can find me fishing up north or playing my guitar. My Instagram is @billfilmz if you would like to see more of my personal life.

Scott Jordan


Julian Vigil


What a gift to have Julian on our team at Paradigm Pictures.  He has a knack for capturing the special moments and making each moment beautifully rendered into touching video.  He is also is a super sweet guy and a welcome presence at the weddings we cover.  Julian is a very dedicated videographer with years of experience and expertise.  

Lexi Rodriguez


Lexi Rodriguez is an award-winning videographer and photographer from Dallas, Texas. With over 14 years experience in photography, she shifted her art to videography a little over 3 years ago when she decided to change her major to film.  Her favorite part of the job is capturing the essence of each couple’s relationship, and makes it a priority to personally get to know them so that their photos and videos are customized to look exactly how they envision it.

*Owner of L+R Photo & Videography

Max is a skilled videographer with highly advanced camera capabilities. He never misses a shot and has years of experience under his belt. On set, he is a great personality with great leadership qualities which enables him to get such beautiful footage. When not filming, Max is either flying his drone or working on his business degree at the University of North Texas.

Max Fontana


Sarah contributes to the Paradigm team with her design, PR, writing skills, and a heavy dose of enthusiasm! She thinks the best part of her job is receiving the bridal couples' responses when they first see their special videos. They often write or call us in happy tears.  It's the best.   

Sarah Ferderer


Dallas, Texas


Best Dallas Wedding Videographer

5765 Bozeman Dr, Plano Texas 75024