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bill ferderer paradigm pictures owner_ed

I'm Bill and I love filming weddings for couples all over the world! With 200+ weddings and 5 years of experience, it's obvious that creative wedding film making is my purpose. 

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Paradigm Pictures is a small team of experienced wedding videographers and editors. We are the type of people you want filming your wedding with our endless charisma, charm, experience, and creative approach to wedding film making that makes wedding videography FUN.


Not only are we experts at our craft, we are friendly and are ready to enhance your wedding day. From inquiry to video delivery - you will feel so special and taken care of, because each client is so important to us. 

Dallas Wedding Videography, Paradigm Pictures - Best Rated Wedding Videographer in The Wor
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They say the proof is in the pudding... watch our films. Watch all of them - you will be amazed by our storytelling, our style, and the overall detail that goes in to each cinematic highlight highlight film. Side note: I do not outsource editing, which is common in this industry. I could go on and on about our shot list, color grading, audio gear, 4K cameras, cinema lenses, aerial drones, cinematic editing, multi-cam documentary films, and other filmmaking practices - but the most important thing is to know that you're hiring a true professional that will exceed your expectations and be 100% transparent throughout the entire process.

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